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ISBN 10 : 0821217534
ISBN 13 : 9780821217535

The public and private Walter Gropius is presented here by a long-time friend and colleague...

Art Books

ISBN 10 : 0824033264
ISBN 13 : 9780824033262

This spiritual companion for mourners affirms their need to mourn and invites them to journey through their very unique and personal grief. Organized around the six needs of mourni..

Inventing American Modernism

ISBN 10 : 0813926025
ISBN 13 : 9780813926025

From the late 1930s to the early 1950s, the Harvard Graduate School of Design played a crucial role in shaping a new modern architecture and the modern city. Architects, planners, ..


ISBN 10 : 0393052052
ISBN 13 : 9780393052053

Traces the rise of Modernism in the arts from its inception in the mid-nineteenth century to its end in the wake of the development of Pop Art, analyzing its influences on the fiel..

The Visual Arts In Germany 1890 1937

ISBN 10 : 0719052793
ISBN 13 : 9780719052798

This work provides an introduction to the visual arts in Germany from the early years of German unification to World War II. The study is an analysis of painting, sculpture, graphi..

The Routledge Companion To Biology In Art And Architecture

ISBN 10 : 9781317419518
ISBN 13 : 1317419510

The Routledge Companion to Biology in Art and Architecture collects thirty essays from a transdisciplinary array of experts on biology in art and architecture. The book presents a ..

Weimar Thought

ISBN 10 : 9781400846788
ISBN 13 : 1400846781

During its short lifespan, the Weimar Republic (1918-33) witnessed an unprecedented flowering of achievements in many areas, including psychology, political theory, physics, philos..

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