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Writing From The Margins

ISBN 10 : 1443870854
ISBN 13 : 9781443870856

The Irish short story tradition occupies a unique space in world literature. Rooted in an ancient oral storytelling culture, the Irish short story has underwent numerous transition..

The Origin Of The Family Private Property And The State

ISBN 10 : 9780141958347
ISBN 13 : 0141958340

The Origin of the Family, Private Property and the State (1884), was a provocative and profoundly influential critique of the Victorian nuclear family. Engels argued that the tradi..

Designing Freedom

ISBN 10 : 9780887848551
ISBN 13 : 0887848559

Distinguished cyberneticist Stafford Beer states the case for a new science of systems theory and cybernetics. His essays examine such issues as The Real Threat to All We Hold Most..

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