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ISBN 10 : 0996156011
ISBN 13 : 9780996156011


City Farmer

ISBN 10 : 9781553655190
ISBN 13 : 1553655192

Celebrates the innovative and inspiring ways that ubran dwellers are reimagining our cities as places of food production. Original...

The Local Food Revolution

ISBN 10 : 9781623170011
ISBN 13 : 162317001X

Demonstrating that humanity faces an imminent and prolonged global food crisis, Michael Brownlee issues a clarion call and manifesto for a revolutionary movement to localize the gl..

Reclaiming Our Food

ISBN 10 : 9781603427692
ISBN 13 : 1603427694

Reclaiming Our Food tells the stories of people across the United States who are finding new ways to grow, process, and distribute food for their own communities. Discover how aban..

Street Farm

ISBN 10 : 9781603586030
ISBN 13 : 1603586032

Street Farm is the inspirational account of residents in the notorious Low Track in Vancouver, British Columbia—one of the worst urban slums in North America—who joined togethe..

The Urban Farmer

ISBN 10 : 9781771421911
ISBN 13 : 1771421916

There are twenty million acres of lawns in North America. In their current form, these unproductive expanses of grass represent a significant financial and environmental cost. Howe..

Growing A Sustainable City

ISBN 10 : 9781442628557
ISBN 13 : 1442628553

Growing a Sustainable City? offers a critical analysis of the development of urban agriculture policies and their role in making post-industrial cities more sustainable...

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