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Growing Up Nascar

ISBN 10 : 9781610600392
ISBN 13 : 1610600398

In 1949, when Humpy Wheeler was 11, he attended the very first NASCAR race. For the next ten years, he spent as much time in the pits as he could, and came to know many of the spor..

Alan Kulwicki

ISBN 10 : 9781932542394
ISBN 13 : 1932542396

Alan Kulwicki, born in Greenfield, Wisconsin, nicknamed "Special K" and the "Polish Prince," was an American NASCAR Winston Cup Series (now Spirit Cup) race car driver. He died in ..

Then Junior Said To Jeff

ISBN 10 : 9781623680473
ISBN 13 : 1623680476

This collection of behind-the-scenes happenings from the history of the beloved stock car series shares stories of the great and the infamous, revealing privy insights into the dri..

Attack The System

ISBN 10 : 9780992736507
ISBN 13 : 0992736501

Modern anarchist movements have existed for over 150 years. The blag flag of anarchy remains a symbol of political rebellion, particularly for restless or disenchanted young people..

Formula One Racing For Dummies

ISBN 10 : 9780764570490
ISBN 13 : 0764570498

Get to know what Formula One racing is all about This book delves into the strategy, technology, and spirit needed to win a Formula One race. Every angle of a race weekend is cover..

Presumed Guilty

ISBN 10 : 9781939529213
ISBN 13 : 1939529212

New York Times bestseller Presumed Guilty exposes shocking, never-before revealed, exclusive information from the trial of the century and the verdict that shocked the nation. When..


ISBN 10 : 9781400053452
ISBN 13 : 1400053455

The hottest and most controversial book of the year! Find out who really controls the media in America. “[Ann Coulter] is never in doubt. And that, along with her bright writing,..

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