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Grunge Alphabets

ISBN 10 : 0486402827
ISBN 13 : 9780486402826

Offbeat, eye-catching typefaces add a sharp, contemporary look to display ads, posters, signs, menus, and other graphic projects. Fonts include the jagged-edged style of Ransom Not..

Special Effects And Topical Alphabets

ISBN 10 : 9780486142487
ISBN 13 : 0486142485

DIVLettering that reinforces what you are selling: letters aflame, made with chopsticks, frozen with ice, etc. 100 fonts plus many lowercase and/or numerals. /div..

The Big Book Of 5 000 Fonts

ISBN 10 : 0823004899
ISBN 13 : 9780823004898

That’s where this valuable book comes in. It features over 5,000 different fonts - not only the standard ones like Bodoni, Cheltenham, and Century, but also the entire collection..

100 Wood Type Alphabets

ISBN 10 : 9780486235332
ISBN 13 : 0486235335

Beautiful selection of 100 19th-century American wood type fonts, many reproduced at actual size. Each font features a complete alphabet of capitals; many include lowercase letters..

Typographically Speaking

ISBN 10 : 9781568984278
ISBN 13 : 1568984278

In a career that has spanned more than forty years, Matthew Carter has designed many of the typefaces that we see every day in and on publications, books, signs, and screens. Carte..

Circus Alphabets

ISBN 10 : 0486261557
ISBN 13 : 9780486261553

Attractive sourcebook of royalty-free, immediately usable typefaces recalls old-fashioned print styles found on posters and broadsides. Includes eerie Monster Outline, Raindrops, a..

Candy Aisle Crafts

ISBN 10 : 9780804137928
ISBN 13 : 0804137927

The ultimate materials for fun, whimsical crafting are right in your grocery store! From party decorations to children’s toys, from wearable art to cute gifts, you need look no f..

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