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Gt40 Photo Archive

ISBN 10 : 1882256646
ISBN 13 : 9781882256648

Fascinating photo archives for vintage car and truck enthusiasts..

Sebring 12 Hour Race 1970 Photo Archive

ISBN 10 : 1882256204
ISBN 13 : 9781882256204

A sensational collection of photographs featuring some of the greatest drivers and cars in motor sport history. This album is filled with fascinating images from the Alec Ulmann Co..

Young Fire Equipment

ISBN 10 : 1583880151
ISBN 13 : 9781583880159

This is the first and only book on Young Fire Equipment, a previously unpublished area. Throughout its 60-year history, Young was in the forefront of fire apparatus innovation. Bot..

Fageol Twin Coach Buses

ISBN 10 : 1583880755
ISBN 13 : 9781583880753

An innovator in the bus business, Fageol was the first company to build a bus from the ground up, and it was called the Safety Coach. Later in 1927 the Fageol brothers sold out and..

Around Boulder City

ISBN 10 : 0738558761
ISBN 13 : 9780738558769

The original planners of Boulder City, Nevada, did not expect that the community of workers and engineers would outlast the construction of the great Hoover Dam. The subsequent yea..

The Fisher Body Craftsman S Guild

ISBN 10 : 9780786493388
ISBN 13 : 0786493380

The Fisher Body Craftsman's Guild was a national auto design competition sponsored by the Fisher Body Division of General Motors. This competition was for teenagers to compete for ..

Tornado Hunter

ISBN 10 : 9781426203022
ISBN 13 : 1426203020

Recounting his twenty-year career as a storm chaser, the author reviews the pioneering work of the first storm scientists and discusses his own work analyzing tornadoes and inventi..

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