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Guerrilla Warfare

ISBN 10 : 9781461637141
ISBN 13 : 1461637147

Che Guevara, the larger-than-life hero of the 1959 revolutionary victory that overturned the Cuban dictatorship, believed that revolution would also topple the imperialist governme..

Guerrilla Warfare

ISBN 10 : 9781351516570
ISBN 13 : 1351516574

As the author makes clear, every book has a history; Guerrilla Warfare is no exception. Together with its sequel Terrorism (and two companion readers) it was part of a wider study:..

On Guerrilla Warfare

ISBN 10 : 9780486119571
ISBN 13 : 0486119572

The first documented, systematic study of a truly revolutionary subject, this 1937 text remains the definitive guide to guerrilla warfare. It concisely explains unorthodox strategi..

Mao Tse Tung On Guerrilla Warfare

ISBN 10 : 9781786250926
ISBN 13 : 1786250926

The Classic text on Communist Guerrilla warfare includes an excellent introduction by Brigadier General Samuel Griffith USMC who was also the translator. “In 1937 Mao...wrote a s..

Urban Guerrilla Warfare

ISBN 10 : 9780813172231
ISBN 13 : 0813172233

Guerrilla insurgencies continue to rage across the globe, fueled by ethnic and religious conflict and the easy availability of weapons. At the same time, urban population centers i..

Revolutionary Guerrilla Warfare

ISBN 10 : 0913750050
ISBN 13 : 9780913750056

“Revolution” is a word that causes fear in some, exhilaration in others, and confusion in most. Originally used to describe a restoration, it eventually came to mean a sw..

Afghan Guerrilla Warfare

ISBN 10 : 0760313229
ISBN 13 : 9780760313220

Provides reports from Mujahideen veterans and maps depicting locations and troop movements to explore how the Afghans fought a successful guerrilla war against their better-equippe..

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