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Real Time 3d Character Animation With Visual C

ISBN 10 : 9781136134777
ISBN 13 : 1136134778

Do you have some experience and a reasonable knowledge of C++ and want to write your own computer games? Have you ever looked at a PC or Playstation (R) game with characters runnin..

Introduction To Media Production

ISBN 10 : 9781136053221
ISBN 13 : 1136053220

Introduction to Media Production began years ago as an alternative text that would cover ALL aspects of media production, not just film or just tv or just radio. Kindem and Musburg..

3d For The Web

ISBN 10 : 9780240519104
ISBN 13 : 0240519108

Make sure you benefit from the explosion of new and exciting applications designed to let you create 3D animation for the web. See how you can use the power of 3ds max, Flash and D..

Guide To Computer Animation

ISBN 10 : 9781136134869
ISBN 13 : 1136134867

Any questions you have about 2D or 3D animation in this new digital age are answered in this comprehensive guide for all budding digital animators, games artists and media producti..

Elemental Magic

ISBN 10 : 9780240814797
ISBN 13 : 0240814797

A guide to creating hand-drawn and digital effects includes step-by-step diagrams and explanations for the entire spectrum of animated effects, including liquids, fire, smoke, ripp..

The Lazy Teacher S Handbook

ISBN 10 : 9781845904098
ISBN 13 : 1845904095

Ever wondered what would happen if you stopped teaching in your lessons? You might be surprised. If you want your students to learn more and you to work less, then this book provid..

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