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Gumbo Lilies

ISBN 10 : 0739200186
ISBN 13 : 9780739200186

In the late 1930's, two young women (Timmie, Thelma Martin Anderson and Lee, Leona Schroader Nesheim) "set out to carve a place for themselves in the Gumbo Hills of South Dakota." ..

Plant Driven Design

ISBN 10 : 9781604691597
ISBN 13 : 160469159X

For too long, garden design has given pride of place to architecture, artifice, and arbitrary principles. The results? Soulless landscapes where plants play subordinate roles. With..

The Wpa Guide To South Dakota

ISBN 10 : 9781595342393
ISBN 13 : 1595342397

During the 1930s in the United States, the Works Progress Administration developed the Federal Writers’ Project to support writers and artists while making a national effort to d..

Developing Character And Creating Characters

ISBN 10 : 9781426994920
ISBN 13 : 1426994923

Every person has a story to tell. These simple stories are about life in Eastern Montana from the late 1930's through the 1960's and the incidents common to those who endured the h..

Leaning Into The Wind

ISBN 10 : 0395901316
ISBN 13 : 9780395901311

Gathers true stories, poems, and reflections about Western life..

Honest Illusions

ISBN 10 : 0515110973
ISBN 13 : 9780515110975

A magician's daughter has inherited her father's talents-and his penchant for jewel thievery. Then she meets an escape artist who captures her heart and has secrets that could shat..

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