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Hack Your Hit

ISBN 10 : 9780984684533
ISBN 13 : 0984684530

From the author of the #1 Songwriting book on Amazon, Futurehit.DNA, Jay Frank provides musicians with even more tools to succeed with music in the digital age. Hack Your Hit conta..

Futurehit Dna

ISBN 10 : 0615285708
ISBN 13 : 9780615285702

While the makeup of the digital music landscape has been well documented, there has never been a detailed analysis of what this means for the music creation process. Frank lists 15..

Get More Fans The Diy Guide To The New Music Business

ISBN 10 : 9780988561311
ISBN 13 : 098856131X

How Do I Promote My Music On A Small Budget? How Do I Get My YouTube Videos to Spread? How Do I Turn Casual Fans Into One’s Who Buy From Me? How Do I Get Written About On Blogs? ..

Tour Smart

ISBN 10 : 9781556529740
ISBN 13 : 1556529740

From packing the right equipment to keeping enough gas in the tank to get home, every aspect of making a successful tour with a band is addressed in this comprehensive guide. More ..

The Diy Musician S Radio Handbook

ISBN 10 : 0997437006
ISBN 13 : 9780997437003

"In the DIY Musician's Radio Handbook, D Grant Smith provides without a doubt the most comprehensive and actionable guide for independent musicians who want airplay. Too many artis..

The Beat Game

ISBN 10 : 9781483530352
ISBN 13 : 1483530353

In The Beat Game, Grammy Nominated music producer Darrell "Digga" Branch shows Hip Hop beat makers and producers how to play in the high-paced game called the music business: Branc..

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