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The Horrible Science Of Everything

ISBN 10 : 1407179616
ISBN 13 : 9781407179612

Taking a journey from the very small, to the very big, readers are taken on a tour of everything in science from the smallest thing ever to the horribly huge universe. And it's all..

Unfair Trade

ISBN 10 : 9781446473016
ISBN 13 : 1446473015

Many of our favourite brands now openly espouse 'ethical' credentials, so how is it that they can import billions of pounds' worth of goods from the developing world every year whi..

Halting The Sexual Predators Among Us

ISBN 10 : 0275978621
ISBN 13 : 9780275978624

Explains how to recognize the warning signs of sexual and personality disorders that often precede sexual violence including rape and lust homicide...

Do Disrupt

ISBN 10 : 1907974342
ISBN 13 : 9781907974342

This book is about disruption. About doing things differently. About having ideas that will change the world. That will at least change your world. It's also about delivering those..

Halting The Hacker

ISBN 10 : 0130464163
ISBN 13 : 9780130464163

Get into the hacker's mindand outsmart him! Fully updated for the latest threats, tools, and countermeasures Systematically covers proactive, reactive, and preemptive security meas..

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