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Handbook Of Energy Audits

ISBN 10 : 9780881736229
ISBN 13 : 0881736228


Energy Management Handbook

ISBN 10 : 9780881735437
ISBN 13 : 0881735434


Energy Management Handbook 8th Edition

ISBN 10 : 9781304520708
ISBN 13 : 1304520706

This comprehensive handbook has become recognized as the definitive stand-alone energy manager's desk reference, used by thousands of professionals throughout the industry. Newly r..

Guide To Energy Management

ISBN 10 : 0881734772
ISBN 13 : 9780881734775

Now in its fifth edition, this text is the manager's guide to the most important areas of energy cost cutting. Written by three of the most respected energy professionals in the in..

Guide To Energy Management Eighth Edition International Version

ISBN 10 : 9781365984112
ISBN 13 : 1365984117

The international version includes all material covered in the standard edition, but numerical data and calculations are expressed in Système International (SI) units. Bringing to..

Fuel Cell Handbook Seventh Edition

ISBN 10 : 1365101134
ISBN 13 : 9781365101137

Fuel cells are one of the cleanest and most efficient technologies for generating electricity. Since there is no combustion, there are none of the pollutants commonly produced by b..

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