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Harley Davidson In The 1960s

ISBN 10 : 0760310580
ISBN 13 : 9780760310588

Harleys are a way of life, and this book chronicles the classic motorcycles of the 1960s and their technology. 80 color photos...

American Motorcyclist

ISBN 10 :
ISBN 13 :

American Motorcyclist magazine, the official journal of the American Motorcyclist Associaton, tells the stories of the people who make motorcycling the sport that it is. It's avail..

Introductory Statistics

ISBN 10 : 9780128043615
ISBN 13 : 012804361X

Introductory Statistics, Fourth Edition, reviews statistical concepts and techniques in a manner that will teach students not only how and when to utilize the statistical procedure..

Harley Davidson Customs

ISBN 10 : 0879389893
ISBN 13 : 9780879389895

Shows and describes a variety of customized Harley Davidson motorcycles, and discusses their mechanical modifications and detailing...

Classic Harley Davidson

ISBN 10 : 0760327114
ISBN 13 : 9780760327111

Almost everyone knows the name and the product, but not as many know the history of Harley-Davidson, a company that started with just four men and a bevy of American spirit. Stocke..

Lectures On Elementary Mathematics

ISBN 10 : 9780486462813
ISBN 13 : 0486462811

One of the 18th century's greatest mathematicians, Lagrange made significant contributions to analysis and number theory. He delivered these lectures on arithmetic, algebra, and ge..

The Harley Davidson And Indian Wars

ISBN 10 : 9780760313534
ISBN 13 : 0760313539

Allan Girdler. This colorful reprint examines the dueling marques right up through Indian's dissolution in the 1950s...

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