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Harvard Business Review On Organizational Learning

ISBN 10 : 1578516153
ISBN 13 : 9781578516155

This volume focuses on the organizational dynamics involved in knowledge management; this mix of breakthrough articles should help managers understand how people can effectively co..

Learning In Action

ISBN 10 : 9781633690394
ISBN 13 : 1633690393

Most managers today understand the value of building a learning organization. Their goal is to leverage knowledge and make it a key corporate asset, yet they remain uncertain about..

The Living Company

ISBN 10 : 1578518202
ISBN 13 : 9781578518203

With a light touch and an interesting variety of examples, de Geus employs biological metaphors in order to analyze corporate management...

Organizational Learning And Competitive Advantage

ISBN 10 : 9781849206983
ISBN 13 : 1849206988

`[I}n this volume, contributors from the fields of both strategic management and organizational behaviour have been brought together to explore the relationship between organizatio..


ISBN 10 : 9781118216767
ISBN 13 : 1118216768

New breakthrough thinking in organizational learning, leadership, and change Continuous improvement, understanding complex systems, and promoting innovation are all part of the lan..

Harvard Business Review On Knowledge Management

ISBN 10 : 9780875848815
ISBN 13 : 0875848818

Leading Minds and Landmark Ideas In An Easily Accessible Format From the preeminent thinkers whose work has defined an entire field to the rising stars who will redefine the way we..

The Fifth Discipline

ISBN 10 : 0307477649
ISBN 13 : 9780307477644

Completely Updated and Revised This revised edition of Peter Senge’s bestselling classic, The Fifth Discipline, is based on fifteen years of experience in putting the book’s id..

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