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Honda S2000

ISBN 10 : 076030906X
ISBN 13 : 9780760309063

The first behind-the-scenes, blow-by-blow account of the dynamic, limited-production S2000s design, testing, and development...

Honda S2000 Performance Portfolio 1999 2008

ISBN 10 : 1855208245
ISBN 13 : 9781855208247

The S2000 was full of the advanced thinking that had typified Honda's early years. With a top speed of 150mph, it was comparable to the Porsche Boxster and the BMW Z3. Handling was..

Acura Nsx

ISBN 10 : 9781904788430
ISBN 13 : 1904788432

The definitive story of Honda's amazing supercar, the NSX..


ISBN 10 : 1844251039
ISBN 13 : 9781844251032

Ford's motorsport center, at Boreham, Essex, first opened in 1963 and finally closed its doors at the end of 2003, bringing to an end 40 years of involvement with Ford's racing, ra..

Sports Car And Competition Driving

ISBN 10 : 9781787200661
ISBN 13 : 1787200663

This practical manual been written for the car-owner who is already a competent driver under normal road conditions but who would like to be a better-than-average driver, and espec..

Mercedes Benz S Class 1972 2013

ISBN 10 : 9781847975966
ISBN 13 : 1847975968

Ever since their introduction in 1972, the S-Class saloons from Mercedes-Benz have been considered the pinnacle of automotive excellence. For most of that time, ownership of an S-C..

The Moto Guzzi Sport Le Mans Bible

ISBN 10 : 9781845840648
ISBN 13 : 184584064X

This book contains a year-by-year account of Lino Tonti's development and evolution of the V7 Sport into the stylistic 850 Le Mans...

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