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An Analysis Of The Operational Leadership Of General Heinz Guderian

ISBN 10 : 1494209977
ISBN 13 : 9781494209971

This paper is a historical analysis of General Heinz Guderian's operational leadership. These elements are operational thinking, execution of operations, and the operational leader..

Operational Tenets Of Generals Heinz Guderian And George S Patton Jr

ISBN 10 : 9781782893165
ISBN 13 : 1782893164

This study is an historical analysis of the operational methods of two men who commanded large military formations with great success during World War II: Colonel-General Heinz W. ..

A Military Leadership Analysis Of Adolf Hitler

ISBN 10 : 9781782897101
ISBN 13 : 1782897100

“Before the war, and still more during the conquest of the West, Hitler came to appear a gigantic figure, combining the strategy of a Napoleon with the cunning of a Machiavelli a..

World War Ii The Definitive Encyclopedia And Document Collection 5 Volumes

ISBN 10 : 9781851099696
ISBN 13 : 1851099697

With more than 1,700 cross-referenced entries covering every aspect of World War II, the events and developments of the era, and myriad related subjects as well as a documents volu..

World War 2 In Europe Africa And The Americas With General Sources

ISBN 10 : 0313293252
ISBN 13 : 9780313293252

This volume discusses the best and most enduring literature of World War II years, incorporating all aspects from military and political history to social and cultural history...

Heinz Guderian

ISBN 10 : 9781849083676
ISBN 13 : 1849083673

This book gives a focused, military biography of Heinz Guderian, perhaps the most highly respected tank commander of World War II. Guderian was a typical product of the Prussian mi..

The Peninsula Campaign Of 1862

ISBN 10 : 9781604730616
ISBN 13 : 1604730617

The largest offensive of the Civil War, involving army, navy, and marine forces, the Peninsula Campaign has inspired many history books. No previous work, however, analyzes Union g..