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Boats Of The Air

ISBN 10 : 0709015534
ISBN 13 : 9780709015536


Recollections Of The Great War In The Air

ISBN 10 : 9781473846753
ISBN 13 : 1473846757

In 1915 James Roger McConnell enlisted as a US volunteer in the French Flying Corps. He was part of a remarkable band of?American volunteers which were formed into the famous Ameri..

War At Sea And In The Air

ISBN 10 : 9781615307531
ISBN 13 : 1615307532

Although conflict was once restricted to land, the introduction of warships and planes eventually expanded the theater of war to include both water and sky. New combat strategies e..

Coastal Command S Air War Against The German U Boats

ISBN 10 : 9781783831838
ISBN 13 : 1783831839

This book summarises the story of how RAF Coastal Command overcame the German U-boat danger during the Second World War and how the escalation of the U-boat war promoted the develo..

The Boat Of A Million Years

ISBN 10 : 9780575109278
ISBN 13 : 0575109270

Early in human history, certain individuals were born who live on, unaging, undying, through the centuries and millennia. We follow them through over 2000 years, up to our time and..

Flying Boats Of The Solent And Poole

ISBN 10 : 9781445613055
ISBN 13 : 1445613050

Flying boats have been a familiar sight in the Solent since the dawn of aviation. Two of Britain's major manufactures, Saunders-Roe and Supermarine, were based in Cowes and Woolsto..