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Brain Computer Interfaces

ISBN 10 : 3642020917
ISBN 13 : 9783642020919

A brain-computer interface (BCI) establishes a direct output channel between the human brain and external devices. BCIs infer user intent via direct measures of brain activity and ..

Brain Computer Interfaces 1

ISBN 10 : 9781848218260
ISBN 13 : 1848218265

Brain–computer interfaces (BCI) are devices which measure brain activity and translate it into messages or commands, thereby opening up many investigation and application possibi..

Brain Computer Interfaces

ISBN 10 : 9780195388855
ISBN 13 : 0195388852

In the last 15 years, a recognizable surge in the field of Brain Computer Interface (BCI) research and development has emerged. This emergence has sprung from a variety of factors...

Brain Computer Interfaces

ISBN 10 : 1849962723
ISBN 13 : 9781849962728

For generations, humans have fantasized about the ability to create devices that can see into a person’s mind and thoughts, or to communicate and interact with machines through t..

Brain Computer Interfaces

ISBN 10 : 9783319109787
ISBN 13 : 3319109782

The success of a BCI system depends as much on the system itself as on the user’s ability to produce distinctive EEG activity. BCI systems can be divided into two groups accordin..

Towards Practical Brain Computer Interfaces

ISBN 10 : 9783642297465
ISBN 13 : 3642297463

Brain-computer interfaces (BCIs) are devices that enable people to communicate via thought alone. Brain signals can be directly translated into messages or commands. Until recently..

Toward Brain Computer Interfacing

ISBN 10 : 9780262042444
ISBN 13 : 0262042444

The latest research in the development of technologies that will allow humans tocommunicate, using brain signals only, with computers, wheelchairs, prostheses, and otherdevices...