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Classic Light Aircraft

ISBN 10 : 0764348965
ISBN 13 : 9780764348969

A visual celebration of the wide and colorful variety of the world s light aircraft, old and new, organized from A to Z by manufacturer, this book illustrates more than 800 light a..

Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004

ISBN 10 : 0470113316
ISBN 13 : 9780470113318

Flight Simulator 2004: A Century of Flight lets pilots of all ages and abilities experience history in the cockpit of such famous planes as the Wright Flyer, the Spirit of St. Loui..

The World Of Aviation

ISBN 10 : 0600303187
ISBN 13 : 9780600303183


Flying On Your Own Wings

ISBN 10 : 9781426982231
ISBN 13 : 1426982232

Some have said that if God had wanted us to fly, He would have given us wings. And yet, we were given the ability to dream, to think with our heads, to have courage in our hearts, ..

Events Management

ISBN 10 : 9781446289976
ISBN 13 : 1446289974

Electronic Inspection Copy available for instructors here Written by a team of twenty-five high profile, international authors, this exciting new text successfully combines theory ..

Modeling Classic Combat Aircraft

ISBN 10 : 0890243948
ISBN 13 : 9780890243947

Easy-to-follow diagrams, crisp photos, and concise instructions teach you to build, paint, and finish military aircraft models from WWII to today. The more than 15 step-by-step pro..

Classic Combat Aircraft

ISBN 10 : 9780890246962
ISBN 13 : 0890246963

Learn how to build, modify, detail, paint and weather legendary aircraft from the experts found in FineScale Modeler magazine. The 18 projects feature classic Allied and Axis that ..