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Dead End Kids

ISBN 10 : 0299158837
ISBN 13 : 9780299158835

Dead End Kids exposes both the depravity and the humanity in gang life through the eyes of a teenaged girl named Cara, a member of a Kansas City gang. In this shocking yet compassi..

Teenage Wasteland

ISBN 10 : 0226278727
ISBN 13 : 9780226278728

Teenage Wasteland provides memorable portraits of "rock and roll kids" and shrewd analyses of their interests in heavy metal music and Satanism. A powerful indictment of the often ..

The Dead End Kids Of St Louis

ISBN 10 : 9780826272140
ISBN 13 : 0826272142

Joe Garagiola remembers playing baseball with stolen balls and bats while growing up on the Hill. Chuck Berry had run-ins with police before channeling his energy into rock and rol..

The Dead End Kids Of Port Richmond Philadelphia

ISBN 10 : 9781403306449
ISBN 13 : 1403306443

Tony estaba ancioso por superación, esto para poder ayudarle a su madre, quién era una madre soltera, a salir de la incertidumbre de la pobreza en la que la vida la tenia sumergi..

Children Cinema And Censorship

ISBN 10 : 9780857711328
ISBN 13 : 0857711326

Children have long been one of cinema's largest audiences yet, from its infancy, cinema has in the minds of moral watchdogs accompanied a succession of pastimes and new technologie..

Dead End Kids Heroes Of The Blitz

ISBN 10 : 9781408338964
ISBN 13 : 1408338963

London is at war and as the Blitz rages, children like Josie and her brother Len face the same dangers as the adults. Can they find the strength to stand up against the onslaught? ..

A Pictorial History Of

ISBN 10 : 159393761X
ISBN 13 : 9781593937614

Back in 1964, when I was 12 years old I saw my first Dead End Kid film, the title of the film was Crime School. After watching it I learn all about the Dead End Kids and their live..