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Discrete Mathematics Theory And Applications Revised Edition

ISBN 10 : 981429635X
ISBN 13 : 9789814296359

Discrete Mathematics: Theory and Applications (Revised Edition) offers a refreshing alternative for the undergraduate Discrete Mathematics course. In this revised text, the authors..

Discrete Mathematical Structures

ISBN 10 : 0619212853
ISBN 13 : 9780619212858

Teaches students the mathematical foundations of computer science, including logic, Boolean algebra, basic graph theory, finite state machines, grammars and algorithms, and helps t..

Discrete Mathematics

ISBN 10 : 9781439812808
ISBN 13 : 1439812802

Taking an approach to the subject that is suitable for a broad readership, Discrete Mathematics: Proofs, Structures, and Applications, Third Edition provides a rigorous yet accessi..

Discrete Mathematics

ISBN 10 : 0198507178
ISBN 13 : 9780198507178

The long-awaited second edition of Norman Bigg's best-selling Discrete Mathematics includes new chapters on statements and proof, logical framework, natural numbers and the integer..

Discrete Mathematics With Proof

ISBN 10 : 9780470457931
ISBN 13 : 0470457937

"Discrete mathematics has become increasingly popular in recent years due to its growing applications in the field of computer science. - Discrete Mathematics with Proof, Second Ed..

Discrete Mathematics With Applications

ISBN 10 : 9780495391326
ISBN 13 : 0495391328

Susanna Epp’s DISCRETE MATHEMATICS WITH APPLICATIONS, FOURTH EDITION provides a clear introduction to discrete mathematics. Renowned for her lucid, accessible prose, Epp explains..

Discrete Mathematics With Applications

ISBN 10 : 0080477348
ISBN 13 : 9780080477343

This approachable text studies discrete objects and the relationsips that bind them. It helps students understand and apply the power of discrete math to digital computer systems a..