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Group 2

ISBN 10 : 3927458732
ISBN 13 : 9783927458734


Group 2 Mediated Dehydrocoupling

ISBN 10 : 9783319210360
ISBN 13 : 331921036X

This book presents an in-depth study into the utility of σ-bond metathesis in Group 2 mediated reactivity. A comprehensive introduction defines the state of the art in both Group ..

Story Of Science

ISBN 10 : 076141150X
ISBN 13 : 9780761411505

This ambitious and accomplished series explores the history of four integral fields in the discipline of science. Each volume takes the reader back in time to witness the formation..

Main Group Chemistry

ISBN 10 : 0854046178
ISBN 13 : 9780854046171

Main Group Chemistry covers the chemistry of the s- and p-block elements, together with a brief chapter on the chemistry of zinc, cadmium and mercury, often classified as main grou..

Leadership And Organization In The Aviation Industry

ISBN 10 : 9781409485711
ISBN 13 : 1409485714

Leadership and organisational structures which are not adjusted to the cultural background of the employees concerned are most likely to produce sub-optimal results (House, 2004). ..

Chemistry In Context

ISBN 10 : 0174482760
ISBN 13 : 9780174482765

This completely revised version matches the latest specifications for Advanced Subsidiary (AS) and Advanced GCE Chemistry. The new full-colour design enhances a modern, relevant co..