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Subsea Pipelines And Risers

ISBN 10 : 0080445667
ISBN 13 : 9780080445663

Marine pipelines for the transportation of oil and gas have become a safe and reliable part of the expanding infrastructure put in place for the development of the valuable resourc..

Seismic Design Of Industrial Facilities

ISBN 10 : 9783658028107
ISBN 13 : 3658028106

Seismic Design of Industrial Facilities demands a deep knowledge on the seismic behaviour of the individual structural and non-structural components of the facility, possible inter..

Subsea Pipeline Design Analysis And Installation

ISBN 10 : 9780123868893
ISBN 13 : 0123868890

As deepwater wells are drilled to greater depths, pipeline engineers and designers are confronted with new problems such as water depth, weather conditions, ocean currents, equipme..

Nuclear Power Plant Safety And Mechanical Integrity

ISBN 10 : 9780124173064
ISBN 13 : 0124173063

One of the most critical requirements for safe and reliable nuclear power plant operations is the availability of competent maintenance personnel. However, just as the nuclear powe..