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Handbook Of Fuzzy Computation

ISBN 10 : 0750304278
ISBN 13 : 9780750304276

Initially conceived as a methodology for the representation and manipulation of imprecise and vague information, fuzzy computation has found wide use in problems that fall well bey..

Handbook Of Mathematical Fuzzy Logic

ISBN 10 : 1848901933
ISBN 13 : 9781848901933

Originating as an attempt to provide solid logical foundations for fuzzy set theory, and motivated also by philosophical and computational problems of vagueness and imprecision, Ma..

Handbook Of Granular Computing

ISBN 10 : 9780470724156
ISBN 13 : 0470724153

Although the notion is a relatively recent one, the notions and principles of Granular Computing (GrC) have appeared in a different guise in many related fields including granulari..

Springer Handbook Of Computational Intelligence

ISBN 10 : 9783662435052
ISBN 13 : 3662435055

The Springer Handbook for Computational Intelligence is the first book covering the basics, the state-of-the-art and important applications of the dynamic and rapidly expanding dis..

Handbook Of Neural Computation

ISBN 10 : 9780128113196
ISBN 13 : 0128113197

Handbook of Neural Computation explores neural computation applications, ranging from conventional fields of mechanical and civil engineering, to electronics, electrical engineerin..

Handbook Of Research On Novel Soft Computing Intelligent Algorithms

ISBN 10 : 9781466644519
ISBN 13 : 1466644516

"This book explores emerging technologies and best practices designed to effectively address concerns inherent in properly optimizing advanced systems, demonstrating applications i..