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Handbook Of Indoor Air Quality Management

ISBN 10 : 0132353008
ISBN 13 : 9780132353007

With literally millions of chemical compounds in the environment, many hundreds known to be hazardous, and new compounds being developed every day, keeping your workplace safe and ..

Indoor Air Quality Handbook

ISBN 10 : 0074455494
ISBN 13 : 9780074455494


Handbook Of Air Pollution Prevention And Control

ISBN 10 : 9780080507927
ISBN 13 : 0080507921

The Handbook of Air Pollution Prevention and Control provides a concise overview of the latest technologies for managing industrial air pollution in petrochemical, oil and gas, and..

Handbook Of Air Pollution Control Engineering And Technology

ISBN 10 : 1566701066
ISBN 13 : 9781566701068

This handbook provides information for professionals attempting to reduce and eliminate air pollution problems. It contains information on all aspects of air pollution, and also ex..

Handbook Of Air Pollution Technology

ISBN 10 : 0471082635
ISBN 13 : 9780471082637

A practical, up-to-date handbook presenting the essential principles, design methods, examples, useful data, and guides to more information on air pollution and its control. Compre..

Air Quality Control Handbook

ISBN 10 : 0070014116
ISBN 13 : 9780070014114

Where to go when pollution control and legal compliance are equally difficult. This practical design-oriented handbook features unrivaled coverage of the provisions and implication..

Advanced Air And Noise Pollution Control

ISBN 10 : 9781592597796
ISBN 13 : 1592597793

Leading pollution control educators and practicing professionals describe how various combinations of different cutting-edge process systems can be arranged to solve air, noise, an..