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Men S Health The Book Of Muscle

ISBN 10 : 9781594868962
ISBN 13 : 1594868964

The World's Most AUTHORITATIVE Guide to Building Your Body You probably know a lot about building muscle. You know which curl is the best for your biceps, you do every possible exe..

Skeletal Muscle In Health And Disease

ISBN 10 : 0719031648
ISBN 13 : 9780719031649

An understanding of muscle structure and function, and its control in health and failure in disease is a basis for a full understanding of human physiology. This book combines basi..

Skeletal Muscle

ISBN 10 : 0736045171
ISBN 13 : 9780736045179

Provides readers with a detailed understanding of the different facets of muscle physiology. Examines motoneuron and muscle structure and function. It is intended for those need to..

Muscle Strength

ISBN 10 : 0203503597
ISBN 13 : 9780203503591

Muscle strength is an important topic for ergonomics practitioners and physiologists to understand, especially as it relates to workplace injuries. Muscle strength and function is ..

Muscle Mechanics

ISBN 10 : 0736061819
ISBN 13 : 9780736061810

This guide describes 65 of the most effective exercises for strength, definition, and muscle size. Full-color anatomical illustrations show which muscles are being worked as well a..

Skeletal Muscle Damage And Repair

ISBN 10 : 0736058672
ISBN 13 : 9780736058674

Attempts to cover a wide range of both basic research and applied clinical topics related to skeletal muscle damage and repair mechanisms and their application. This book examines ..