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Norway 1940

ISBN 10 : 0803277873
ISBN 13 : 9780803277878

En forholdsvis nyforsket redegørelse for det, som det, som anmelderne benævner den ødelæggende og inkompetente allierede kampagne, som franske og engelske styrker, støttet af ..

Hitler S Preemptive War

ISBN 10 : 9781612000459
ISBN 13 : 1612000452

A thorough examination of one of history’s revolutionary campaigns . . . After Hitler conquered Poland, and while still fine-tuning his plans against France, the British began to..

Norway 1940

ISBN 10 :
ISBN 13 :

A comprehensive, chronologically arranged account of the two-month campaignEmbraces viewpoints of all the combatants: British, French, German, Norwegian and PolishMany first-hand a..

Joint Operations Case Study Weser Bung Nord Germany S Invasion Of Norway 1940

ISBN 10 : 9781782898061
ISBN 13 : 1782898069

In the history of modern warfare, Weserübung Nord, the German invasion of Norway in 1940, occupies a distinguished station as the first campaign “jointly” planned and executed..

The Doomed Expedition

ISBN 10 : 9781473813717
ISBN 13 : 1473813719

The Doomed Expedition tells the story of the counter against the German invasion of Norway and its failings...

Anatomy Of A Campaign

ISBN 10 : 9781107194595
ISBN 13 : 1107194598

Senior military commander assesses the reasons behind the ignominious failure of the British campaign in Norway in 1940...

Norway 1940

ISBN 10 : WISC:89084819515
ISBN 13 :

Almost two-thousand British soldiers landed in Norway during the evening of April 18th, 1940. On May 2nd, one hundred and sixty three men were rescued by the Royal Navy from one of..