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ISBN 10 : 0761445269
ISBN 13 : 9780761445265

From horsepower to rare limited-edition models, Sports Illustrated for Kids writer Michael Bradley brings the world of cars to readers' fingertips. Anyone who is interested in cars..

Pontiac Gto 50 Years

ISBN 10 : 9780760347119
ISBN 13 : 0760347115

The car that launched the muscle car era and gave the Baby Boomers highspeed wings; this is the most uptodate GTO history in the current book market...

Standard Catalog Of Gto 1961 2004

ISBN 10 : 9780873496896
ISBN 13 : 0873496892

This title chronicles the development of GTO and all its siblings and offspring in the Pontiac Tempest/LeMans line-up. It is filled with history, production information, ID data, p..

Pontiac Gto

ISBN 10 : 0760308284
ISBN 13 : 9780760308288

The Great One. A lavish tribute to one of America's most-beloved muscle cars covers its entire ten-year production run...

American Cars Of The 1960s

ISBN 10 : 9780896891319
ISBN 13 : 0896891313

'American Cars of the 1960s' explores the most distinctive decade of automotive history with the birth of economy, muscle and pony cars in unmatched detail and imagery! With more t..

Don T Trust Anyone Over Thirty

ISBN 10 : 9780595123933
ISBN 13 : 0595123937

Here's a popular history of the Baby Boom Generation told through the vignettes, quotes, quips, sayings and slogans that characterized and shaped an era. A fascinating roller-coast..