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Qualities Of Effective Teachers

ISBN 10 : 9781416604617
ISBN 13 : 1416604618

Remember those great teachers who made you excited about learning? Remember how it felt to be in their classes and to experience how they made their classrooms come alive? What mad..

Qualities Of Effective Teachers

ISBN 10 : 9780871206633
ISBN 13 : 0871206633

Identifies specific teacher behaviors that contribute to student achievement...

Handbook For Qualities Of Effective Teachers

ISBN 10 : 9781416601821
ISBN 13 : 1416601821

This companion to Qualities of Effective Teachers provides strategies for examining the practice of teaching, helping teachers improve their skills, and establishing an environment..

12 Characteristics Of An Effective Teacher

ISBN 10 : 9781435715288
ISBN 13 : 1435715284

This book discusses 12 Characteristics of Effective Teachers who were successful in getting their students to behave appropriately and to learn the subject matter. It presents hear..

Qualities Of Effective Teachers 3rd Edition

ISBN 10 : 1416625860
ISBN 13 : 9781416625865

This updated edition is packed with research-based advice and practical tools for any educator interested in improving teaching and ensuring positive outcomes for all students...

Qualities Of Effective Principals

ISBN 10 : 9781416607441
ISBN 13 : 1416607447

What does it take to be a good school principal? No two principals work in exactly the same way, but research shows that effective principals do focus on a core set of factors that..

The Teacher Quality Index

ISBN 10 : 9781416618409
ISBN 13 : 1416618406

We know that teachers make a profound difference in the lives of students and are the single most important school-related influence on student achievement. When it comes to teache..