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Reason 5 Ignite

ISBN 10 : 9781435458949
ISBN 13 : 143545894X

Get ready to explore the world of music production with Reason 5! This book will help you get up to speed in Reason quickly by dropping you right into the action so that before you..

Reason Five Ignite

ISBN 10 : 9781133703181
ISBN 13 : 1133703186

This book introduces new users to the latest version of this fun and powerful music-making software. It covers the fundamental features and functions of Reason's synths, samplers, ..

Reason 6 Power

ISBN 10 : 1133702619
ISBN 13 : 9781133702610

Get ready to dive into Reason 6! This book provides a thorough look at the most common as well as lesser-known features of this impressive music and mixing software. Beyond describ..

Ignite Your Generosity

ISBN 10 : 9780830898770
ISBN 13 : 0830898778

We know it's important to be generous. But it can be hard to know what healthy stewardship looks like in our families and churches. What if God has deeper and richer lessons to tea..


ISBN 10 : 9781600052231
ISBN 13 : 1600052231

While plenty of management wisdom has focused on leadership and teamwork, relatively little attention has been paid specifically to emerging leaders--people who have recently been ..

Ignite Defy Book 2

ISBN 10 : 9780545644754
ISBN 13 : 0545644755

Murder, kidnapping, and forbidden romance abound in this thrilling sequel to Sara B. Larson's acclaimed YA debut, DEFY. Alexa continues to harbor a secret love for the newly crowne..


ISBN 10 : 0991789741
ISBN 13 : 9780991789740

Penemuel (Pen) fell from grace over a millennium ago, yet there are still times she questions her decision to follow her twin brother, Azael, to Hell. Now that the archangel Michae..