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Red Star Over Malaya

ISBN 10 : 9789971695088
ISBN 13 : 9971695081

Red Star Over Malaya is an account of the inter-racial relations between Malays and Chinese during the final stages of the Japanese occupation. In 1947, none of the three major rac..

Red Star Over Malaya

ISBN 10 : 9971692740
ISBN 13 : 9789971692742

"Based on extensive archival research in Malaysia, Great Britain, Japan and the United States, Red Star Over Malay provides an account of the way the Japanese occupation reshaped c..


ISBN 10 : 9812301755
ISBN 13 : 9789812301758

Focuses on Malaysia's four Prime Ministers as nation-builders, observing that each one of them when he became Prime Minister was transformed from being the head of the Malay party,..

Floating On A Malayan Breeze

ISBN 10 : 9789888139316
ISBN 13 : 9888139312

What happens after a country splits apart? Forty-seven years ago Singapore separated from Malaysia. Since then, the two countries have developed along their own paths. Malaysia has..

The Memoirs Of Mustapha Hussain

ISBN 10 : 967611698X
ISBN 13 : 9789676116987

"Mustapha Hussain was an extraordinary man, even for one who lived in extraordinary times. This English language translation of his memoirs traces his coming of age in a village in..

The Soul Of Malaya

ISBN 10 : 9814610070
ISBN 13 : 9789814610070

The book describes the experiences of two French planters, depicts various types of Englishmen running plantations in Malaya, and captures the beauty and appeal of the land...