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Satan Is Alive And Well On Planet Earth

ISBN 10 : 0310277914
ISBN 13 : 9780310277910

A candid look the contemporary rise in spiritualism and the occult, exposing the problems and dangers of false worship in light of Scripture...

The Late Great Planet Earth

ISBN 10 : 031027771X
ISBN 13 : 9780310277712

Examines what biblical prophecy says about the modern world and what the Bible reveals about the imminent future of Earth...

The Greatest Works Of Hal Lindsey

ISBN 10 : 0884863719
ISBN 13 : 9780884863717

With over 15 million copies sold, The Late Great Planet Earth is a penetrating look at incredible prophecies that predict man's destiny and the fate of the world. Certain signs for..

Planet Earth

ISBN 10 : 1888848251
ISBN 13 : 9781888848250


Childhood S End

ISBN 10 : 9780795324970
ISBN 13 : 0795324979

In the near future, enormous silver spaceships appear without warning over mankind’s largest cities. They belong to the Overlords, an alien race far superior to humanity in techn..

Apocalypse Code

ISBN 10 : 1888848219
ISBN 13 : 9781888848212

Hal Lindsey, the father of modern-day Bible prophecy, contends that he has cracked the "Apocalypse Code" revealing long-hidden messages about man's future and the fate of the earth..