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Self Hypnosis For Dummies

ISBN 10 : 9780470664681
ISBN 13 : 0470664681

Self-Hypnosis For Dummies is a hands-on guide to achieving your goals using hypnosis. Whether you want to lose weight, overcome anxiety or phobias, cure insomnia, stop smoking, or ..

Self Hypnosis For Dummies

ISBN 10 : 9780470664681
ISBN 13 : 0470664681


Hypnosis For Beginners

ISBN 10 : 156718359X
ISBN 13 : 9781567183597

Introduces the concept of hypnosis, describes exercises designed to teach basic techniques, and discusses regression and self-regression..

Hypnotherapy For Dummies

ISBN 10 : 9780470061930
ISBN 13 : 0470061936

An easy-to-follow, reassuring and responsible guide that shows how you can use hypnotherapy to identify and overcome unhealthy modes of thinking, deal with emotional issues, improv..

Instant Self Hypnosis

ISBN 10 : 1402242271
ISBN 13 : 9781402242274

Hypnosis is a proven technique that allows people to reprogram their subconscious to change unwanted behaviors. Most books on self-hypnosis require the reader to memorize or record..

Self Hypnosis

ISBN 10 : 1502725061
ISBN 13 : 9781502725066

Self Hypnosis: For beginners, a complete do it yourself guide - "Man alone has the power to transform his thoughts into physical reality; man alone can dream and make his dreams co..

Personal Development All In One For Dummies

ISBN 10 : 111999828X
ISBN 13 : 9781119998280

A complete guide to understanding how you think, and discovering how to think differently. Personal Development All-in-One For Dummies is a complete guide to the key techniques tha..