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The Duke Of Havana

ISBN 10 : 9780375506697
ISBN 13 : 0375506691

In 1998, a mysterious right-handed pitcher emerged from the ashes of the Cold War and helped lead the New York Yankees to a World Championship. His origins and even his age were un..

The Quality Of Home Runs

ISBN 10 : 9780822381426
ISBN 13 : 0822381427

In parks and cafes, homes and stadium stands, Cubans talk baseball. Thomas F. Carter contends that when they are analyzing and debating plays, games, teams, and athletes, Cubans ar..

Queens Of Havana

ISBN 10 : 9780802199102
ISBN 13 : 0802199100

The 1930s saw Havana undergoing a seismic cultural renaissance. At night in the aires libres (open air cafes), tourists and foreign investors rubbed shoulders with the likes of Ern..