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The Indoor Environment Handbook

ISBN 10 : 9781849774611
ISBN 13 : 1849774617

Winner of the Choice Outstanding Academic Titles of 2010 award. Ensuring that buildings are healthy and comfortable for their occupants is a primary concern of all architects and b..

The Healthy Indoor Environment

ISBN 10 : 9781134581375
ISBN 13 : 1134581378

Despite policy directives, standards and guidelines, indoor environmental quality is still poor in many cases. The Healthy Indoor Environment aims to help architects, building engi..

Indoor Air Quality Handbook

ISBN 10 : 9780071414845
ISBN 13 : 0071414843

* Tackles the complex environmental issue of Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) for industrial hygienists, HVAC engineers, architects and anyone else concerned with the air quality of interi..

Hvac Technician S Handbook

ISBN 10 : 0880690313
ISBN 13 : 9780880690317


Environmental Management For Hotels

ISBN 10 : 9781136405426
ISBN 13 : 1136405429

Environmental Management for Hotels is a textbook for hospitality students that covers the relatively new field of environmental management. The reader is guided in how to make dec..

Sick Building Syndrome

ISBN 10 : 3642179193
ISBN 13 : 9783642179198

This volume throws light on the Sick Building Syndrome in Libraries and other public buildings, and the extent to which it is influenced by the internal environment of libraries. O..