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The Real Thing

ISBN 10 : 082231844X
ISBN 13 : 9780822318446

Presented as the authentic testimony of the disenfranchised, the colonized, and the oppressed, testimonio has in the last two decades emerged as one of the most significant genres ..

The Real Thing

ISBN 10 : 9781469615370
ISBN 13 : 1469615371

In this classic study of the relationship between technology and culture, Miles Orvell demonstrates that the roots of contemporary popular culture reach back to the Victorian era, ..

The Real Thing

ISBN 10 : 9780141973449
ISBN 13 : 0141973447

The Real Thing is a sparkling romantic comedy about not being quite able to let go of the past, from bestselling author of A Rural Affair and A Crowded Marriage Catherine Alliott. ..

The Real Thing

ISBN 10 : 057361458X
ISBN 13 : 9780573614583

A comedy about a famous playwright whose second wife is trying to merge "worthy causes" with her art as an actress. She has met a "political prisoner"..

The Real Thing

ISBN 10 : 0803220553
ISBN 13 : 9780803220553

You may already know that Belgium is the most boring country on planet Earth, but do you know why? Or what makes the Mark 44, Model O Lazy Dog Missile Cluster, the sexiest piece of..

The Real Thing

ISBN 10 : 9781771600705
ISBN 13 : 1771600705


The Real Real Thing

ISBN 10 : 9780226772196
ISBN 13 : 0226772195

Our era is defined by the model. From Victoria’s Secret and America’s Next Top Model to the snapshots we post on Facebook and Twitter, our culture is fixated on the pose, the s..