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Toward Brain Computer Interfacing

ISBN 10 : 9780262042444
ISBN 13 : 0262042444

The latest research in the development of technologies that will allow humans tocommunicate, using brain signals only, with computers, wheelchairs, prostheses, and otherdevices...

Brain Computer Interfacing

ISBN 10 : 9780521769419
ISBN 13 : 0521769418

The idea of interfacing minds with machines has long captured the human imagination. Recent advances in neuroscience and engineering are making this a reality, opening the door to ..

A Practical Guide To Brain Computer Interfacing With Bci2000

ISBN 10 : 1849960925
ISBN 13 : 9781849960922

What Is BCI2000? BCI2000 is a general-purpose software platform for brain–computer interface (BCI) research. It can also be used for a wide variety of data acquisition, stimulus ..

Towards Practical Brain Computer Interfaces

ISBN 10 : 9783642297465
ISBN 13 : 3642297463

Brain-computer interfaces (BCIs) are devices that enable people to communicate via thought alone. Brain signals can be directly translated into messages or commands. Until recently..

Brain Computer Interfacing For Assistive Robotics

ISBN 10 : 9780128015872
ISBN 13 : 012801587X

Brain-computer interface (BCI) technology provides a means of communication that allows individuals with severely impaired movement to communicate with assistive devices using the ..

Toward Replacement Parts For The Brain

ISBN 10 : 0262025779
ISBN 13 : 9780262025775

The latest advances in research on intracranial implantation of hardware models of neural circuitry...

Brain Computer Interfaces

ISBN 10 : 9780199921485
ISBN 13 : 0199921482

A recognizable surge in the field of Brain Computer Interface (BCI) research and development has emerged in the past two decades. This book is intended to provide an introduction t..