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B 52 Stratofortress

ISBN 10 : 9780760343029
ISBN 13 : 0760343020

"A comprehensive history of the B-52's development, manufacture, and combat service. The longest-serving U.S. Air Force combat aircraft, the B-52 debuted in 1955 and is slated to c..

North American S T 6

ISBN 10 : 9781580071246
ISBN 13 : 1580071244

North American's T-6: A Definitive History of the World's Most Famous Trainer is the book the world's extensive T-6 community has been waiting years to have. Author Dan Hagedorn, C..

The Lucky Loadmaster

ISBN 10 : 9781468539646
ISBN 13 : 1468539647

The Lucky Loadmaster is an action packed book. It does not matter whether you are with the airmen in Vietnam, the first night of TET or just reading about the author's hair raising..

Curtiss P 40

ISBN 10 : 9781472802811
ISBN 13 : 1472802810

The initial version of the Curtiss P-40, designated by the manufacturer as the Hawk H-81, combined the established airframe of the earlier radial-powered H-75 (P-36) fighter with t..

8 Dec 41

ISBN 10 : 9781603447416
ISBN 13 : 1603447415

On December 8, 1941, Japanese Navy bombers and fighters crippled the largest force of B17 fourengine bombers outside the United States. Bartsch details personal experiences and pre..