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What Would Jesus Really Do

ISBN 10 : 9781461663447
ISBN 13 : 146166344X

For many years many Christians have exhibited bumper stickers and wrist bands challenging themselves to live up to WWJD—What Would Jesus Do? Now Andrew Fiala, a professor who has..

What Would Jesus Really Do

ISBN 10 : 9780742552609
ISBN 13 : 0742552608

What Would Jesus Really Do? examines what Jesus says (and doesn't say) about complicated contemporary ethical issues including abortion, euthanasia, the death penalty, war, homosex..

Would Jesus Really Do That

ISBN 10 : 0781440874
ISBN 13 : 9780781440875

Custom Curriculum allows you to address the issues that students face in today’s world in a way that can be fully customized to be a perfect fit for your group...

Christology And Whiteness

ISBN 10 : 9780415699976
ISBN 13 : 0415699975

This book explores Christology through the lens of whiteness, addressing whiteness as a site of privilege and power within the specific context of Christology. It asks whether or n..

What Would Jesus Do

ISBN 10 : 0945564058
ISBN 13 : 9780945564058

Claire, Bill, and even Parson Henry discover that asking themselves, "What would Jesus do?" helps them live better lives...

What Would Jesus Drink

ISBN 10 : 1937274136
ISBN 13 : 9781937274139

What would Jesus drink? For the sincere follower of Jesus, the answer is not as easy to find as one might expect. Was Jesus really the miraculous bartender by creating wine at a we..

What Would Jesus Deconstruct The Church And Postmodern Culture

ISBN 10 : 1441200363
ISBN 13 : 9781441200365

This provocative addition to The Church and Postmodern Culture series offers a lively rereading of Charles Sheldon's In His Steps as a constructive way forward. John D. Caputo intr..